60th Anniversary

Celebrating 60 years of transforming the future through psychology

This year APF celebrates its 60th anniversary of changing people's lives through psychology. APF began in 1953 (PDF, 181KB), with just $550. Today APF gives away more than $700,000 each year thanks to the thousands of psychologists who have invested in APF. Their generosity is what allows the foundation to support graduate students and early career psychologists as they strive to find innovative solutions to critical social issues.

APF has come a long way since 1953, and with your support, we look forward to the next 60 years of making psychology work for humanity.


For the last 60 years, APF has been...

Helping Children

Graduate students and psychologists have explored the mysteries of child development, to better understand how best to raise and educate children and prepare and train those who teach and treat them. Congressional Fellows have worked with the U.S. House and Senate to ensure psychology’s voice on behalf of children.

Stopping Violence

Researchers have developed scientifically based programs to understand and stop violence in all its forms, including bullying, ethnic conflict, gang violence, child trafficking and suicide.

Linking Behavior and Health

Psychologists were able to make their mark working with primary care physicians in healthcare settings; they created a training course for psychologists working with patients who have diabetes, and conducted research on health consequences for economically disadvantaged populations.

Alleviating Trauma

APF grantees developed a program to help rehabilitate child survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami, offer support to mothers and children who lost their loved ones on 9/11, and to support veterans seeking mental health services when stigma stands in their way.

Preventing Stigma and Prejudice

Psychologists and social scientists across the country conducted empirical research to decrease prejudice towards and misunderstanding about the LGBT community so that others will afford them the opportunities for equity in pay, marriage and raising families.

Launching Careers

With scholarships and grants of close to $1 million, APF’s donors have ensured that new generations of psychologists are positioned to tackle social problems and improve lives around the globe.