Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Child Psychology Graduate Student Fellowship

$25,000 fellowships for graduate students in child psychology.

Deadline: November 15, 2015

Sponsor: APF


The Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowship program supports graduate research projects and scholarships in child psychology.

Program Goals

  • Nurture excellent young scholars for careers in areas of psychology, such as child-clinical, pediatric, school, educational and developmental psychopathology.
  • Support scholarly work contributing to the advancement of knowledge in these areas.

Funding Specifics

  • Support for one year only.
  • Only one application accepted from any one institution in any given year.
  • Tuition waiver/coverage from home institution.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Completed doctoral candidacy (documentation required).
  • Demonstrated research competence and area commitment.
  • IRB approval must be received from host institution before funding can be awarded if human participants are involved.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Conformance with stated program goals.
  • Magnitude of incremental contribution.
  • Quality of proposed work.
  • Applicant’s demonstrated scholarship and research competence.
How to Apply

Proposal Requirements

  • Description of proposed project to include goal, relevant background, target population, methods and anticipated outcomes.

    Formatnot to exceed five pages (1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font):
    • Relevant background, literature review, specific aims, significance.
    • Methods section: The method section must be detailed enough so that the design, assessments and procedures can be evaluated.
    • Implications section.
  • Timeline for execution.
  • Full budget and justification.
  • Current CV.
  • Two letters of recommendation (one from a graduate advisor and the other from the department chair or director of graduate studies).
  • Copy of IRB approval.

How to Apply

Past Recipients


Spencer Evans, University of Kansas
Jessica Harding, New York University
Anna Markowitz, Georgetown University
Catalina Perez, The Catholic University of America
Jessica Schleider, Harvard University
Shelbie Sutherland, University of Illinois


Meghan McCormick, New York University
Caren Walker, University of California, Berkeley
Katie Burkhouse, Binghamton University
Joy Gabrielli, University of Kansas
Sarah O'Dor, Northwestern University
Alissa Jerud, University of Washington
Sarah Thomas, University of Maryland College Park 
Kathleen Crum, Florida International University


Dylan Gee, University of California, Los Angeles
Nora Bunford, Ohio University
Dominka Swistun, University of Wisconsin
Ewa Czyz, University of Michigan
Jennifer Lee, University of Georgia
Sharon Wolf, New York University


Audun Dahl, University of California, Berkeley
Julia Englund, University of South Carolina
Nicole Mahrer, Arizona State University
Ana Vanessa Wren, Duke University


Kelly Lynn Mulvey, University of Maryland
Nadia Samad, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Ha Yeon Kim, New York University
Matt Johnson, Princeton University
Natalie Brito, Georgetown University
Taryn Allen, Duke University


Kate Ryan Kuhlman, University of Michigan
Julia Hayden, Harvard University
Aparajita Kuriyan, Florida International University
Alexander Lupis, Long Island University
Jacquelyn Raftery, Clark University
Catherine Tsao, University of California, Los Angeles


Nadia Chernyak, Cornell University
Allison Cunningham, University of California, San Diego
Matthew Lerner, University of Virginia
Sandra Y. Nay McCourt, Duke University
Kelly O'Neil, Temple University
Adriana Weisleder, Stanford University


Kalsea Koss, University of Notre Dame
Nicholas Mian, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Adena Schachner, Harvard University


Claire Cook, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Allison Master, Stanford University
Margaret H. Sibley, State University of New York, Buffalo


Lindsey Bell, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Diane Chen, Temple University
Melissa George, University of Notre Dame
Cara Kiff, University of Washington
Katherine Lingras, University of Minnesota


Elizabeth Zack, Georgetown University
Brenda , Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Kathleen Corriveau, Harvard University
Johanna Carpenter, Temple University


Matthew Morris, Vanderbilt University
Elizabeth Davis, University of California, Irvine


Elizabeth Bonawitz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jessica Cicchino, Carnegie Mellon University
Erin Godfrey, New York University
Carrie Masten, University of California, Los Angeles
Jody Nicholson, University of Notre Dame

Travel Stipends

Nancy F. Bandstra, Dalhousie University
Wendy Gray, University of Florida
Jennifer Lindwall, University of Wisconsin
Rebecca Savoy Siegel, University of Miami
Joey Trampush, Queens College, City University of New York Graduate Center
Andrea Goldschmidt, Washington University, St. Louis
Kimberly Guion, University of Alabama, Birmingham
Kristen Lyons, University of California, David
Patricia Z. Tan, Pennsylvania State University
Lisa D. Wiggins, Georgia State University


Jessica Cantlon, Duke University
Andrei Cimpian, Stanford University
Benjamin Mullin, University of California, Berkeley
Abigail Judge, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Sarah Serrano, University of Southern California

Travel Stipends

Cristina Legare, University of Michigan
Chrystyna Kouros, University of Notre Dame
Donna Kreher, University of Massachusetts
Leanne Beaudoin, University of Chicago
Lori Hilt, Yale University
Matthew Hocking, University of Alabama
Michael Morrow, University of Delaware
Nicole Evangelista, Ohio University
Paola Castelli, University of California, Davis
Sonya Mathies Dinizulu, DePaul University


Natalie Costa, University of New Orleans
Warren Jones, Yale University
Brian Wymbs, State University of New York, Buffalo

Travel Stipends

Russell Carleton, DePaul University
Vanessa Simmering, University of Iowa
Ryan Beveridge, University of Utah
Sujin Yang, Cornell University
Anne Shaffer, University of Minnesota


David A. Beaulieu, University of California, Santa Barbara
Andrew Terranova Jr., University of New Orleans
Kseniya Yershova, University of California, Berkeley

Travel Stipends

Melanie A. Dirks, Yale University
Yarrow C. Dunham, Harvard University
Laura A. Feagans, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Jessica S. Horst, University of Iowa
Nicole R. Nugent, Kent State University


Jeffrey Robert Gagne, Boston University
Anna Gassman-Pines, New York University
Jamilia Blake, University of Georgia

Travel Stipends

Anil Chacko, University at Buffalo
Jennifer A. DiCorcia, Tufts University
Rebecca E. Ford, DePaul University
Angela M. Griffin, University of Texas, Austin


Erica M. Brandling-Bennett, Washington University, St. Louis
Annalise L. Caron, Vanderbilt University
Ingrid M. Cordon, University of California, Davis

Travel Stipends

Camila Fernandez, New York University
Cindy Polak, University of Maryland
Greta L. Doctoroff, University of Massachusetts
Nicole McNeil, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jacqueline G. Rea, University of Denver