APF supports innovative research and programs that enhance the power of psychology to elevate the human condition and advance human potential.

Since 1953, the American Psychological Foundation (APF) has provided financial support for innovative research, scholarships and projects for students and early career psychologists, working to make a difference in people's lives. APF's work would not be possible without the generosity of psychologists from around the world.


  • Understand and foster the connection between behavior and health.

  • Reduce stigma and prejudice.

  • Understand and prevent violence.

  • Address the long-term psychological needs in the aftermath of disaster.

Meet APF

Areas of Interest

  • Treating serious mental illness.

  • Studying gifted children and adolescents.

  • Preventing violence.

  • Understanding prejudice.

  • Connecting mental and physical health.

  • Combating homophobia.

  • Examining human reproductive behaviors.

  • Exploring child psychology.

  • Using psychology to aid in disaster recovery.