APA Provides $3 Million for an Internship Stimulus Package

Overview of the Internship Stimulus Package

  • On Aug. 1, 2012, APA’s Council of Representatives voted to approve the internship stimulus package, which will set aside up to $3 million over the next three years to help unaccredited internship sites seek accreditation.

  • These grants help programs pay for costs associated with becoming accredited and have the potential to increase the number of APA accredited internship positions by 520.

A Timely Solution to a Growing Problem

  • The growth of accredited internships has not kept pace with growth in doctoral programs. Over the past four years, the number of unaccredited internship positions has increased 14 percent, whereas the number of accredited positions has only increased 2 percent.

  • APA accreditation is the only mechanism that provides peer review, quality assurance, accountability and student protection.

The Community Came Together to Meet the Need

  • APAGS thanks the Board of Educational Affairs for authoring the bill, and members of the APAGS Advocacy Coordinating Team and Division Student Representative Network for mobilizing widespread support for this measure.

  • This is one of many strategies that APAGS supports to address the need for quality and accessible training. To learn more, visit our internship page.

Taking Advantage of the Program

  • Internship sites will apply through APA for a grant to cover expenses such as the costs of accreditation, administrative and supervisor support, intern stipends and benefits, and other related expenses. The average award will be $20,000.