APAGS Subcommittees

APAGS currently has five operating subcommittees that assist the larger APAGS Committee by developing resources and advocating for specific subsections of the APAGS membership. Each APAGS subcommittee is made up of 5-7 subcommittee members and one subcommittee chair. Joining an APAGS subcommittee is a fantastic professional development experience that allows students to network, develop resources for fellow students, work closely with other psychologists in training with similar interests and goals, receive financial assistance to attend APA convention, and gain a better knowledge of the inner workings of APAGS and APA. Subcommittee members are appointed each year by the subcommittee chair, in conjunction with the APAGS Executive Committee.

APAGS Convention Committee

The APAGS Convention Committee is responsible for assisting the APAGS Central Office staff in planning APAGS convention programming and activities for the annual APA convention. Convention Committee members are fully funded to attend the APA convention. They are also fully funded to attend the annual planning meeting each winter at the APA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

APAGS Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

The APAGS Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity (CSOGD) facilitates communication among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender graduate students in psychology by providing forums to discuss common issues. CSOGD also helps to educate psychologists, faculty and students of the concerns and needs of LGBT students. Members of CSOGD help identify issues of importance for LGBT students and assist with the development of APAGS resources, programs, and initiatives to promote the interests and needs of LGBT students.

APAGS Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity

The APAGS Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity (CARED) represents and advocates for the perspectives and concerns of ethnic minority graduate students within the discipline of psychology. APAGS-CARED members (referred to as regional diversity coordinators) are asked to monitor and oversee cultural diversity initiatives and activities in assigned geographic regions. APAGS-CARED member's assist with the development of special programs, resources and initiatives to promote the interests and needs of ethnic minority students, as well as training in competencies related to research and practice with ethnic minority individuals.

APAGS Science Committee

The APAGS Science Committee represents the perspectives of graduate students in psychological science. Their tasks and activities include advocating for science to be represented across APAGS and APA activities; recommending strategies for the recruitment of emerging scientists within APA; reviewing applications for APAGS grants, developing innovative programming for APA Convention that appeal to science focused students; and collaborating with the Board of Scientific Affairs, the Science Student Council and the Science Directorate to promote psychological science within APA.

APAGS Advocacy Coordinating Team

The APAGS Advocacy Coordinating Team (ACT) is composed of psychology students who primarily engage in legislative advocacy work on behalf of the science and profession of psychology, in the interest of individuals studying, researching and practicing psychology, and on behalf of individuals who are recipients of psychological services. ACT members promote the welfare of graduate students and the vigor of the profession by their participation in legislative lobbying efforts.