APAGS Division Student Representative Network


The APAGS Division Student Representative Network (APAGS-DSRN) connects the student leaders of divisions with APAGS and with each other. In addition to meeting the requests from APA divisions to develop closer working relationships with APAGS, the APAGS-DSRN provides a forum to address the twin goals of:

  • Increasing student membership and leadership within divisions and APAGS.
  • Developing and providing quality services for students through professional development opportunities, networking, collaborations and mentoring.

A strong and cooperative relationship between APAGS and APA divisions benefits APA as a whole and the thousands of students APAGS represents.

How Does A Division Join The APAGS-DSRN?

To facilitate the connection between divisions and APAGS, interested divisions should designate one of their student members as the division's representative to the APAGS-DSRN.

How Should A Division Select Their APAGS-DSRN Student Representative?

The method of selecting the division's student representative, whether through election or appointment, is entirely the division's decision. All representatives to the DSRN must be APAGS members (graduate student affiliates of APA are automatically members of APAGS). Before a division appoints their representative, it is suggested that the division clearly delineate the student's responsibilities within and to the division. This will help the representative differentiate between his or her role as an affiliate and representative of the division and as representative to the DSRN for APAGS. The student representative will be representing both the division and APAGS in his or her role as the DSRN representative.

The division should also discuss how frequently and in what format the representative should report back to the division about activities and ideas shared within the DSRN. It is recommended that divisions appoint their representatives in a timeframe that permits a two-year term of service, beginning and ending in August. This will enable the representative to attend the APAGS-DSRN networking meeting held at the annual APA Convention each year. APAGS encourages divisions to provide funding for their students to attend this annual meeting (While APAGS is funding the administrative support for the DSRN, APAGS is unable to provide any funding for the participation of DSRN representatives in the network or their travel to the annual APA convention).

How Does A Division Connect Their Appointed Representative To The APAGS-DSRN?

Divisions must notify the APAGS Central Office when a representative has been selected or when there is a change in representation. Submit the students' name, address, email, phone number and term of service and he or she will be added to the network.

Please complete the Division Student Involvement Report and return them by mail to APAGS Central Office, APAGS-DSRN, 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002 or by fax at (202) 336-5694. Within four weeks of receiving the completed forms, the division's representative will be contacted and welcomed to the DSRN.

How Do APAGS-DSRN Members Communicate And What Do They discuss?

The representatives are subscribed to the closed APAGS-DSRN listserv that facilitates the exchange of ideas between and among representatives, APAGS leaders, and APAGS staff. Discussion topics may include innovative ways to broadly include students in divisions and APAGS, how APAGS and divisions can co-sponsor lectures, workshops and other programs, developing ideas for joint projects, how to submit substantive articles for publication consideration on the APAGS Website, how divisions can purchase advertising space in the APAGS magazine, gradPSYCH, and many other topics. Representatives are encouraged to post updates on division activities and events to the APAGS-DSRN listserv. They are also asked to report the activities of APAGS back to their peers and divisions.

DSRN representatives will be asked to complete introductory and periodic surveys to help APAGS assess and address a variety of issues that are important to graduate students in divisions and in APAGS. Improving the participation of students in each division and APAGS, in addition to cultivating student leadership, aids student recruitment efforts.

Representatives are invited to attend the fall and spring APAGS Committee business meeting (at the division's expense), biannual DSRN conference calls (funded by APAGS), the DSRN meeting at the annual APA convention, and other training and planning sessions as the network evolves.

Get Connected

Divisions are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity APAGS is providing through the DSRN for division student leaders and APAGS leaders to connect and exchange ideas that will benefit us all. The cooperative, informative, and mutually beneficial forum created by the DSRN will contribute to a new level of service and outreach to graduate students. This will result in greater levels of student participation within APA divisions and APAGS.