Employment Rights of Gay Teachers

Adopted by the APA Council of Representatives on January 23-25, 1981

Whereas the American Psychological Association deplores all public and private discrimination in such areas as employment, housing, public accommodation, and licensing against those who engage in or have engaged in homosexual activities and declares that no burden of proof of such judgement, capacity, or reliability shall be placed upon these individuals greater than that imposed on any other person;

Be it resolved that the American Psychological Association protests personnel actions against any teacher solely because of sexual orientation or affectional preference (Abeles, 1981, p. 581).

Please cite this policy statement as:
Abeles, N. (1981). Proceedings of the American Psychological Association, Incorporated, for the year 1980: Minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Council of resentatives. American Psychologist, 36, 552-586