Resolution on Ageism

Adopted by the APA Council of Representatives, February 2002.

Whereas psychologists have documented the role of ageism in assessment and treatment of older adults, the degree to which aging does (or does not) affect human behavior and performance, the effects of age stereotypes, the extent to which ageism is a factor in workplace discrimination, among other concerns related to age and behavior; and

Whereas over the past several years APA has affirmed its opposition to discrimination and stereotyping based on gender, race, physical disability, sexual orientation, and ethnicity; and

Whereas most recently (February 1999) APA affirmed by Council resolution its support of Affirmative Action and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation and national origin; and

Whereas APA embraces diversity in all efforts and programs and recognizes the dimension of age as an important element of diversity;

Therefore, be it Resolved, that the American Psychological Association rejects ageism in all its forms and is committed to support efforts to eliminate it from our society.