About the Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) is responsible for all aspects of legal counsel and representation of APA. It is also responsible for selection and supervision of outside legal counsel. 

The OGC provides legal advice on a wide range of topics including:

  • Review of all contracts entered into by APA,

  • Intellectual property rights, and

  • A range of other issues from antitrust to corporate, tax and employment law.

The OGC works with psychological experts and outside legal counsel in preparing amicus briefs in cases posing issues on which psychology has relevant knowledge or information to share with the court. The office conducts legal risk management activities to avoid legal exposure to APA and its employees and governance members, and is available to all APA employees and governance members to consult on legal issues or questions that arise in the course of performing their work for APA.

APA legal counsel advises the Council of Representatives, the Board of Directors and all other APA governmental bodies on business and policy issues that have any legal implications, as well as the law regulating non-profit corporations like APA. The office also provides legal services on all legal matters affecting divisions.

The OGC works in conjunction with, and provides staff support to, the Committee on Legal Issues, which advises the Board on legal/policy issues, evaluates amicus proposals and addresses a wide range of psycho-legal issues. Additionally, the OGC promotes the interface between psychology and the law through interdisciplinary collaboration with other professional groups such as the American Bar Association and oversight of related task forces and conferences that foster work in areas of mutual concern to the two professions.