APA submits congressional testimony on veterans’ research funding

APA’s Science Government Relations Office is also coordinating a series of advocacy activities in support of the VA research program

Psychologists work within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as research scientists and clinicians committed to improving the lives of our nation’s veterans, and a strong VA psychological research program provides the scientific foundation for high-quality care within the VA system. On April 2, APA’s Science Directorate submitted written testimony (PDF, 71KB) from Executive Director for Science, Steven J. Breckler, PhD, to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies. Breckler urged the Subcommittee to support health research sponsored by the VA’s intramural Medical and Prosthetic Research program by increasing funding from its current level of $581 million to $611 million in Fiscal Year 2013. Earlier this year, President Obama proposed a very slight increase in the program’s support for Fiscal Year 2013 ($2 million, for a total of $583 million), which if enacted would not cover even basic inflationary costs. Heather O’Beirne Kelly, PhD, in APA’s Science Government Relations Office, is coordinating a series of advocacy activities in support of the VA research program, including an upcoming Capitol Hill educational briefing on VA’s post-traumatic stress research portfolio and meetings with staff from the Congressional committees with oversight over VA research programs and funding.