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March 2011

Science Policy Insider News (March 2011)

APA psychologists part of FDA panel evaluating menthol removal from cigarettes

Science Policy Insider News

A year-long effort culminated last month when the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee called for menthol's removal

Friends of NIDA host briefing on marijuana research

Institute Director Nora Volkow presented findings on topics such as the likelihood of developing addiction to marijuana and brain abnormalities associated with long-term marijuana use

Psychologists visit the hill to advocate for VA funding

Psychologists identified the most pressing needs of psychologists with the Department of Veterans Affairs that affect the care of veterans — including clinical care and research conducted within the VA system

Science Student Council advocates for NIH funding during visits to Capitol Hill

SSC members met with their delegations and discussed the importance of NIH research funding, using their own research as examples of how psychological science addresses critical health questions facing the nation

Education Research Advisory Board encourages broad IES mission

Board members debated how IES could increase the likelihood of identifying interventions that produce positive results and how to make research that shows little or no effect more useful to the practitioner policymaking communities

APA requests additional data on NIH substance use research portfolio

The draft “straw model” has been delayed pending further review of the SUAA portfolio

NRC releases new report on improving intelligence analysis

Recommendations by the committee encourage the application of "the principles, evidentiary standards, and findings of the behavioral and social sciences" to four specific areas

Fiscal year 2011: Heading for CR #7

The current proposal includes between $30 and $36 billion in cuts, but because the bill hasn’t been released, it isn’t clear where the cuts would fall