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August 2010

Science Policy Insider News (August 2010)

APA provides feedback on Autism Research Plan

Autism research plan

APA supports the plan, particularly its recognition of underserved rural and ethnic minority populations and the need to examine autism spectrum disorders across the lifespan

APA urges inclusion of psychology in K-12 Science Education Framework

Draft from the National Research Council’s Board on Science Education would eliminate psychology and the broader social and behavioral sciences from K-12 science curriculum

APA Executive Director for Science testifies on public access

Dr. Breckler expressed support for increased public access to research, emphasizing the need to protect peer review and allow academic publishers and publications to remain viable

Busy season for Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee

The Committee discussed a proposed list of potentially harmful constituents of tobacco products

Legislative updates — “Save the Prevention Fund” and Great Apes

The Science Government Relations Office is following summer progress on the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act and the Great Ape Protection Act