Never Too Late to Heal: Positive Aging and the Aftermath of Trauma: Pictures from the Congressional Briefing

L-R: Martha Crowther, PhD, University of Alabama, Birmingham; Diane Elmore, PhD, SPSSI; James Marshall Public Policy Scholar; Mary Armsworth, PhD, University of Houston; Lauren Fuller, Senator Breaux's (D-LA) staffer on the Senate Special Committee on Aging; Joan Cook, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia VA Medical Center; Albert Perna, World War II Veteran and P.O.W.

Albert Perna recounts his experience as a prisoner of war in World War II.

Dr. Mary Armsworth, University of Houston, met with the staff of Rep. Chris Bell (D-TX) to discuss her research on the legacy of trauma in women abused as children.

L-R: James King, PhD, Samford University; Martha Crowther, PhD, University of Alabama, Birmingham and Senator Sessions (R-AL).