Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) FY 2008 Funding

The Center for Deployment Psychology continues to have a champion in Congressman Bill Young (R-FL), Ranking Member of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Unfortunately, there was no counterpart to Mr. Young in the Senate. On July 25th the House Appropriations Committee marked up and approved the Department of Defense Appropriations bill, allocating $1 million in FY 2008 funding for the CDP program and in conference the Senate accepted this amount. The program was funded at $3.4 million in FY 2006 and $2.9 in FY 2007. Earmark funding (in terms of the amount of money available) was significantly reduced in the Defense bill. The CDP program, which is not a true earmark because it is a national program, was treated like one because a Member of Congress requested its funding. It is expected that the CDP Program will be incorporated into the new DoD Center of Excellence for treating returning military personnel.