Board of Directors Approved Minutes: Feb. 22 & 23, 2012

Approved Minutes

Present: Suzanne Bennett Johnson, PhD; Melba J. T. Vasquez, PhD; Donald N. Bersoff, PhD; Barry S. Anton, PhD; Bonnie Markham, PhD, PsyD; Norman B. Anderson, PhD; Elena J. Eisman, EdD; Kurt F. Geisinger, PhD; Josephine D. Johnson, PhD; Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD; and Ali M. Mattu, MA.

Absent: Susan H. McDaniel, PhD

I. Minutes of Meeting

A.(1) The Board voted to approve the minutes of the Dec. 9-11, 2011, Board of Directors Meeting.

II. Elections, Awards, Membership and Human Resources

A.(1A) The Board reconsidered an action previously taken at its December 2011 meeting and voted to recommend that Council approve the following motion:

1) That Council approves and forwards to the membership for a vote in November 2012 the following amendment to Article II, Section 12, of the APA Bylaws to become effective with the 2014 dues cycle (bracketed material to be deleted):

International Affiliates shall be psychologists who reside in countries other than the United States [orCanada].  An individual desiring affiliation with the Association must, at the time of application, be a member of the psychological association of the country in which the applicant resides or, if no such association exists, shall present evidence of appropriate qualifications. International psychologists who meet the requirements for membership may apply in the usual manner if they so desire.

2) Contingent on the membership approving the above Bylaws change, the following changes to Association Rule 210-6.1 would become effective with the 2014 dues cycle (bracketed material to be deleted):

[210-6.    Canadian Psychological Association

210-6.1    A Fellow, Member, or Associate member residing in Canada, who also belongs to the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and pays full dues to that Association, is eligible for a reduction of 50 percent in his or her dues payable to the American Psychological Association. Conversely, a Fellow, Member or Associate member who resides in the United States and also belongs to the Canadian Psychological Association and who pays full dues to APA is eligible for a 50 percent reduction in dues payable to CPA.]

Note: Subsequent sections will be renumbered.

B. In executive session, the Board voted to approve the appointment of the following individuals to serve on the Guideline Development Panel for Depressive Disorders: Jacques Barber, PhD; Alfiee Breland-Noble, PhD; Pim Cuijpers, PhD; Leslie Samuel Greenberg, PhD, Elizabeth Lin, MD, MPH; John McQuaid, PhD; Laura Mufson, PhD; Arthur Nezu, PhD, ABPP; Charles F. Reynolds III, MD; Rhonda Robinson-Beale, MD; and Forrest Scogin, PhD.

III. Ethics

A. In executive session, the Board took action on one Ethics cases.

IV. Board of Directors

No items.

V. Divisions and State and Provincial Associations

A.(2) The Board voted to approve the following Interdivisional Grant Projects for 2012: Electronic Psychological Record Keeping: Meeting the Ethical and Legal Standard of Care through State Specific Templates; Integrating Environmental and Social Justice Issues; GeroCentral: An Internet Geropsychology Resource Clearinghouse; Special Concerns and Success Strategies of Women, Students of Color, LGBT and Multi-Cultural Students in Psychology Graduate Programs; and Leadership Diversity Summit.

VI. Organization of the APA

No items.

VII. Publications and Communications

No items.

VIII. Convention Affairs

No items.

IX. Educational Affairs

A.(3) The Board voted to recommend that the Council of Representatives adopt as APA policy the Guidelines for Preparing High School Psychology Teachers: Course-Based and Standards-Based Approaches and approve February 2019 as the expiration date for the guidelines.

X. Professional Affairs

A.(4) Linda F. Campbell, PhD, Stephen T. DeMers, PhD, and Jana N. Martin, PhD, provided the Board with an update on the APA/ASPPB/APAIT Telepsychology Guidelines Task Force.

B.(5) The Board discussed the item “Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness.” The Board recommended changes to the Resolution on the Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness and Safety and requested that the item be placed on the March 2012 Cross-Cutting Agenda.

XI. Scientific Affairs

A.(6) The Board discussed the item “Advocacy for Psychology as a STEM Discipline.”

XII. Public Interest

A.(7) The Board voted to recommend that the Council of Representatives receive Dual Pathways to a Better America: Preventing Discrimination and Promoting Diversity, the final report of the Presidential Task Force on Reducing and Preventing Discrimination Against and Enhancing Benefits of Inclusion of People Whose Social Identities are Marginalized in U.S. Society.

XIII. Ethnic Minority Affairs

No items.

XIV. International Affairs

No items.

XV. Central Office

No Items.

XVI. Financial Affairs

A.(8) The Board voted to approve increasing the annual honoraria paid to the Finance Committee Audit and Investment non-psychologist members from $1,000 to $1,500 for service on the subcommittee and to change the honoraria payment to an annual basis rather than linking to the in-person meetings. These changes are to be effective beginning in 2013 and the increased funds shall be incorporated annually beginning with the 2013 Budget.