The Committee on Professional Practice and Standards shall: 

  1. Develop and recommend to BPA standards and guidelines for providers of psychological services.

  2. Along with the Board of Professional Affairs, provide assistance to other APA bodies developing practice guidelines.

  3. Monitor, evaluate, and develop information regarding the scientific and professional aspects of psychological services.

  4. Recommend to BPA actions to implement these policies.

  5. Monitor federal and state laws and regulations affecting delivery of psychological services to ensure the use of psychology in the public interest.

Staff Liaison

Mary G. Hardiman, MS (email)


  • 2015 Chair: Mira Brancu, PhD (2013-15)

  • Dave Corey, PhD, ABPP (2013-15)

  • John F. Curry, PhD (2014-16)

  • Michael J. Cuttler, PhD, ABPP (2015-17)

  • Scott J. Hunter, PhD (2015-16)

  • Marc A. Martinez, PhD, ABPP (2014-16)

  • Timothy P. Melchert, PhD (2015-17)

  • Amee B. Patel, PhD, MSEd (2015-17)

Guidelines and Other Statements

  • Guidelines for Practitioners
    APA has approved a variety of practice guidelines and related criteria as APA policy in such areas as multicultural practice, child custody evaluations and treatment of gay, lesbian and bisexual clients. These guidelines are intended to educate practitioners and provide recommendations about professional conduct. As such, they are useful tools for psychologists in practice to develop and maintain competencies and/or learn about new practice areas.
  • Serving a Diverse Public
    The Board of Professional Affairs and Board of Education Affairs have collaborated on educative statements and tools to guide psychologists on competent care and serving a diverse public in accordance with existing association policy and the APA Ethics Code (2010).