Publications and Communications Board

The function of the Publication and Communications Board shall be to make recommendations on current and innovative plans and policies on acquisition, management, initiation, or discontinuance of journals, separates, bibliographic and related publications, and information services. It shall appoint editors, except the editor of the official organ of the association. The board shall annually make recommendations for the following budget year to the council through the chief staff officer, Finance Committee and board of directors in regard to:

  • Number of editorial pages allocated to each journal.

  • Editorial office expenses of editors.

  • Honoraria for editors.

  • Journal subscription prices.

  • Funds for support of research and development projects.

  • Anticipated nonperiodical publications.

  • Other programmatic requirements as may be needed to support the publishing program.

Staff Liaisons


  • 2014-15 Chair: Brad Hesse, PhD (2010-16)*
  • Patricia Bauer, PhD (2012-18)**
  • Suzanne Corkin, PhD (2013-19)
  • Jennifer Crocker, PhD (2009-15)
  • David Dunning, PhD (2011-17)
  • Kate Hays, PhD (2013-19)
  • Annette La Greca, PhD (2014-20)
  • Neal Schmitt, PhD (2009-15)
  • Mark Sobell, PhD (2014-17)

(P&C Board six-year terms begin on July 1 and conclude on June 30)
*Chairmanship ends June 30, 2015
**Chairmanship begins July 1, 2016

Chief Editorial Advisor
Harris Cooper, PhD (2009-14)

Annual Reports