The members of the Committee on Division/APA Relations (CODAPAR) during 2007 were: Chana K. Akins, PhD, Wayne J. Camara, PhD, Jaine L. Darwin, PsyD (Alternate Member) Allan B. Elfant, PhD (Resigned); Kate F. Hays, PhD, Chair; Richard S. Velayo, PhD, and Janice D. Yoder, PhD.  Lisa Grossman, PhD, JD, was the Board of Directors Liaison to the Committee. 

Allan B. Elfant, PhD, regrettably resigned from the Committee in April of 2007 due to personal issues that prevented him from fully committing to CODAPAR.  CODAPAR accepted his resignation.  At the Board of Directors August 2007 meeting, CODAPAR sent the Board a slate of alternate members for Dr. Elfant’s replacement.  The Board of Directors appointed Jaine L. Darwin, PsyD, and her term on CODAPAR began on August 18th, 2007 at the CODAPAR business meeting. 

Highlights of CODAPAR's 2007 activities include:

Division Leadership Conference - 2007

The 2007 Division Leadership Conference (DLC) hosted by the CODAPAR was held January 19-21, at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. The conference provided division officers with valuable information on what makes a successful term in office, resources to access relevant and key offices within APA, its governance structure and an overview of the directorates. Participants left the DLC feeling enlightened, empowered and eager to lead their respective division to new heights.

The conference kicked off with an Opening Reception and was followed by the “Membership Trends” plenary led by Dr. Jan D. Yoder.  Dr. Yoder’s presentation gave an overview of the APA membership and division trends for the past 20 years. This informative and engaging session set the tone for the weekend as division officers were presented with information and strategies on how to increase division memberships.

APA President, Sharon Stephens Brehm, PhD, officially opened the conference with a welcome address on Saturday, January 20.  The overarching theme of the 2007 DLC was ‘membership issues’ with a focus on attracting and involving students, early career psychologists and ethnic minority students and members.  Jean A. Carter, PhD, shared her sage advice by leading the “Best Practices for Division Presidents” plenary session.  On Sunday, January 21, attendees received updates from C.E.O. Norman B. Anderson, PhD on APA activities and received remarks from the newly elected APA President-Elect, Alan E. Kazdin, PhD.

Review of Division Annual Reports

CODAPAR conducted its annual review of the Division Annual Reports.  Association Rule 100 (1.1-1-3) outlines the requirements associated with division annual reports and specifies that each division should submit a report of their activities during the preceding year to the Board of Directors in a format requested by the Recording Secretary.  This year, all divisions submitted their annual reports.

Six APA divisions have chapters and/or sections and, of these divisions, 35 out of the 37 chapters and sections (95%) complied with the request to submit an annual report.  This is up from 83% in 2006. CODAPAR is pleased with the progress towards receiving reports from all divisions and their chapters and/or sections.

The only area of non-compliance for several divisions in 2007 was submitting their journal reports.  This list of divisions include:  2, 8, 9, 13, 15, 23, 26, 27, 32, 41 and 53.  As of May 7, 2007, these divisions had not submitted their Annual Division Journal Report.  The deadline for journal reports was March 1, 2007.  The Publications Office will follow up on these reports.
The development of new guidelines is of special importance to APA.  Therefore, CODAPAR highlights those divisions that were in the process of developing guidelines during 2007 
Division 17, Society for Vocational Psychology 
Training and Practice Guidelines in Vocational Psychology          
Available for review:  Sept. 2007

Division 36: 
Practice Guidelines in the Clinical Psychology of Religion           
Available for review:  Dec. 2007

Division 43: 
Guidelines/standards for the field of family psychology for doctoral/postdoctoral training and clinical practice                                                                                   
Available for review:  Aug. 2007

Division 51:
Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Boys and Men                       
Available for review:  TBD

Division 55
Guidelines for Collaborative and Independent Practice in Pharmacotherapy
Currently under review

CODAPAR reviewed the annual reports and noted special projects, structural changes, developments, interdivisional linkages, advocacy and policy issues as well as any areas of non-compliance. CODAPAR worked with those divisions with compliances issues to resolve them by the Board of Director’s June meeting. The Board of Directors accepted the division annual reports submitted by CODAPAR.

2007 Divisional 5-Year Review

CODAPAR worked diligently to complete the 2007 Divisional 5-Year Review.  Association Rule 100-1.4 states that every five years, the Board of Directors shall evaluate the reports of each Division, including its chapters and sections, for overall compliance with the Bylaws, Association Rules, and APA policies and report the results to the Council of Representatives. 

Each division was evaluated on the information submitted in their annual reports for the past five years; 2002-2006.  CODAPAR noted special projects, structural changes, developments, interdivisional linkages, advocacy and policy issues as well as any areas of non-compliance.  The Divisions that were reviewed are:

Division 1 – Society for General Psychology
Division 7 – Developmental Psychology
Division 13 – Society of Consulting Psychology
Division 18 – Psychologists in Public Service  
Division 23 – Society for Consumer Psychology
Division 28 – Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse
Division 33 – Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
Division 38 – Health Psychology
Division 43 – Family Psychology
Division 48 – Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence: Peace Psychology

CODAPAR submitted its report to the Board of Directors at its June 2007 meeting.  The only area of concern with the 2007 5-Year Review is a missing 2003 annual report for Division 33.  The Board accepted the Committee’s report.

Interdivisional Grants Project

CODAPAR sent out the “Call for Proposals” in May 2007 with a deadline of September 14.  The Committee received a total of 7 proposals.  CODAPAR thoroughly reviewed and evaluated the proposals, and recommended that the Board of Directors fund 6 Interdivisional Grant Proposals. In December 2007, the Board of Directors endorsed CODAPAR’s recommendation and approved funding for the following 6 grants proposals:

Empirically-Supported Prevention and Treatment Interventions for Parents and Teachers:  Development of the Consumer Website for Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Sponsoring Divisions:  7, 12, 16, 27, 37, 43, 53 & 54           
Recommended Funding:  $2,500.00

Facilitating Student Participation in Rehabilitation Psychology (Division 22) and Health Psychology (Division 38)
Sponsoring Divisions:  22, and 38                                   
Recommended Funding:  $3,150.00

Proposal for a Model Program for Increased Engagement of Fellows of APA
Sponsoring Divisions:  1 and 52                                               
Recommended Funding:  $600.00

Research-defined Practice:  Documenting the Efficacy of Integrative Psychotherapy by Establishing a Standardized Assessment Module for the Prescribing Psychologist
Sponsoring Divisions:  28, 38, 50 and 55                                   
Recommended Funding:  $1,600.00

Structured Dialogs About Life-Span Psychological Development                       
Sponsoring Divisions:  7 and 20                                               
Recommended Funding:  $1,500.00

Travel Scholarships for Diverse Women to Attend the Inaugural CWP Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology
Sponsoring Divisions:  35, 44 and 45                                   
Recommended Funding:  $3,000.00

Total Recommended Funding Amount:  $12,350.00

2007 Convention Activities

CODAPAR hosted its Annual Presidents-Elect Breakfast at Convention 2007 in San Francisco, CA.    This year CODAPAR used the Breakfast to have a roundtable discussion with division officers.  Led by Chair, Dr. Kate Hays, she went over the CODAPAR mission, how the committee functions, activities it is involved in and talked about ways in which the committee interacts with division officers.  The discussion then shifted to what division officers wanted and needed from CODAPAR in order to prepare for their term in office.  Several participants shared their experiences with the group and offered suggestions to the other leaders. The discussion was very productive and helpful to those participating.  Judy Strassburger, Executive Director, APA Governance Affairs, led a discussion on the new directions in which APA is looking to structure Convention. 

CODAPAR held its August business meeting at Convention as well. The meeting focused on an orientation for newly appointed members, Jaine L. Darwin, PsyD, (immediate term) Julia C. Phillips, PhD and Frank M. Webbe, PhD (2008 term); re-assigning divisions to CODAPAR liaisons, discussing the presidents-elect breakfast and planning for the 2008 Division Leadership Conference.

Committee Appointments and Elections

On the recommendation of the CODAPAR, The Board of Directors appointed Julia C. Phillips, PhD and Frank M. Webbe, PhD to the Committee.  Both will serve terms beginning January 2008 through December 2010.   Dr. Akins and Dr. Yoder were elected by CODAPAR to serve as co-chairs of the committee for 2008.

Diversity Training and Representation

CODAPAR has been very active in its quest to recruit and maintain minority representation on the committee.  When members rotate off the committee, CODAPAR builds its slate by making every effort to keep the profile of the committee diverse and gender balanced. In its call for nominations, CODAPAR states that it pays considerable attention to diverse representation on the Committee, including gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, racial and cultural minority status, and practice and science concerns.  This year the Committee was comprised of 2 males and 4 females; 1 Asian, 1 Black and 4 Whites; and 1 gay/lesbian member. CODAPAR also uses the Division Leadership Conference to address diversity issues with division officers. The Committee will have a session that deals with diversity recruitment on the 2008 DLC program.