The Board of Convention Affairs held two meetings in 2007 – March 23-24, 2007, and November 2-4, 2007. Initial planning for the 2008 plenary sessions at the annual convention was implemented by the Central Programming Working Group, which met with the Board of Convention Affairs in November.

BCA actions on convention policy during 2007 are noted below.

  • Approved the addition of “trauma” as a subject index term in the “Call for Programs”.

  • Approved the addition of a sentence related to recording of sessions by the media to its policy on audiotaping sessions at the convention. The amended (new underlined) policy statement is provided below.

“Audiotape recorders and video equipment will be provided only for the presentation of material and not for recording of discussions, papers, or other presentations. Recording or videotaping sessions by divisions or individuals, for either private or commercial purposes, is not permitted. When APA records a session at the convention, it will obtain prior permission from all participants. The one exception to this policy is for registered news media personnel. Both APA media and outside media with proper convention registration credentials may record sessions to help them cover convention programming accurately.”
Approved the allotment of three additional hours, making a total of six hours for the Committee for Early Career Psychologists, beginning in 2008.

  • Recommended to the Board of Directors that the 2018 Convention be held in San Francisco, California from Thursday, August 9, through Sunday, August 12, 2018.

  • Approved the additional guidelines for the ad hoc Committee on Films and Other Media provided below.

    • BCA will appoint five (5) members representing different areas and backgrounds, e.g., science, clinical, early career, ethnic, gender, region of U.S.

    • BCA’s liaison to the committee will be considered one of the (5) members and will be an active/voting member of the committee

    • One member should have media, film, popular culture expertise

In 2007, the Board consisted of five women and one man. Ethnically, there were two Asian members, one Multiracial member, one African American member, one Hispanic member, and one Caucasian member on the Board.