Agenda Planning Group

The Agenda Planning Group shall have general oversight for the consolidated board and committee meetings. It shall be the responsibility of the Agenda Planning Group to designate items to be included on the cross cutting agendas for the fall and spring consolidated meetings of the boards and committees. The Agenda Planning Group shall encourage boards and committees to consider items that:

  • impact on their constituency directly,

  • require expertise represented within the board or committee,

  • may establish a new policy or change a policy of the Association, or

  • require a special perspective represented by the board or committee. 

With the oversight of the Committee on Structure and Function of Council, it shall review new business items introduced in Council and make recommendations to the Committee on Structure and Function of Council regarding the referral of items to ensure that issues are considered by the appropriate boards and committees.

Staff Liaisons


  • Chair: Barry S. Anton, PhD (2015)
  • Toni C. Antonucci, PhD (2014)

  • Stewart E. Cooper, PhD (2014)

  • Terese A. Hall, JD, PhD (2014)

  • Kristin A. Hancock, PhD (2014)

  • Monica F. Kurylo, PhD (2014)

  • Leah L. Light, PhD (2014)

  • Maureen A. McCarthy, PhD (2014)

  • Jodie B. Ullman, PhD (2014)

  • Ellen W. Williams, PhD (2014)