Committee on Division/APA Relations (CODAPAR): 2010 Annual Report

The members of the Committee on Division / APA Relations (CODAPAR) during 2010 were: Margaret Bull Kovera, PhD; Deborah Fish Ragin, PhD; Julia C. Phillips, PhD, Chair; Linda A. Reddy, PhD; Frank M. Webbe, PhD, Vice Chair and Lawrence M. Zelnick, PsyD.  Jean A. Carter, PhD, was the Board of Directors Liaison to the Committee. 

Highlights of CODAPAR's 2009 activities include:

Division Leadership Conference - 2010

The 2010 Division Leadership Conference (DLC) hosted by CODAPAR was held January 29-31, at the Fairmont Washington Hotel in Washington, DC. The conference provided division officers with valuable information on what makes a successful term in office, resources to access relevant and key offices within APA, its governance structure and an overview of the directorates.
The conference kicked off with an Opening Reception that was followed by the President’s Welcome Address by then APA President, Carol D. Goodheart, EdD.  Dr. Goodheart discussed her presidential initiatives, how divisions can get involved and offered some advice on being a division president.  Dr. Julia Phillips led the plenary “Introduction to the DLC – Top Ten Things to Know About Being a Division President”. This lighthearted plenary used innovative text messages to present attendees with a list of 10 things they should do to make their term as president run a little smoother. 

Then APA President-Elect, Melba J.T. Vasquez, PhD, congratulated the division presidents-elect on being elected and gave a few remarks on being a division leader. Attendees also received an overview of the structure and function of APA governance and Central Office structure from APA Deputy C.E.O. L. Michael Honaker, PhD. Sandra Shullman, PhD, was the invited speaker for the 2010 DLC.  Dr. Shullman spoke on leadership strategies and how division leaders and divisions can get more involved in the APA governance structure. 

Membership trends and issues, the APA website redesign and awards and grants geared toward divisions were other topics that were addressed during the conference. The DLC also featured a “nuts and bolts fair” in which key APA staff members whose offices provided services to divisions were on hand to talk to attendee and answer any questions they may have had. The conference wrapped up with ‘hot topic’ presentations on legal issues and media relations issues. 

Review of Division Annual Reports

CODAPAR conducted its annual review of the Division Annual Reports.  Association Rule 100 (1.1-1-3) outlines the requirements associated with division annual reports and specifies that each division should submit a report of their activities during the preceding year to the Board of Directors in a format requested by the Recording Secretary.  Annual reports were received from all divisions.  Of the 46 division chapter/sections; 40 submitted a 2009 annual report.

As of June 1, 2010 the following divisions did not submit their Annual Division Journal Report, divisions 8, 9, 19, 23, 27, 32 and 54.  The Publications Office was to follow up on these reports.
CODAPAR reviewed the annual reports and noted special projects, structural changes, developments, interdivisional linkages, advocacy and policy issues as well as any areas of non-compliance.  The Board of Directors accepted the division annual reports submitted by CODAPAR.

Interdivisional Grants Project

Due to the continued financial constraints of the Association, the IGP was suspended for 2010.  CODAPAR submitted an item to the APA Board of Directors at its December 2010 meeting to reinstate the IGP at $25,000 for 2011. The Board recommended reinstating the IGP for 2011 and sent its recommendation to the Council of Representatives for its February 2011 meeting.

2010 Convention Activities

CODAPAR hosted its Annual Presidents-Elect Breakfast at Convention 2010 in San Diego, CA.  Dr. Phillips facilitated the Breakfast discussion that centered on leadership ideas and management strategies related to being a division president.  The presentation was divided into three parts:

I. Divisional Culture and Infrastructure:Led by Dr. Kovera and Dr. Ragin
The topics covered during this section were related to the day-to-day business of the division.

II. Communication:Led by Dr. Reddy and Dr. Zelnick
This section got presidents-elect to start thinking about how to communicate and stay in touch with the division’s executive board and members. 
III. Support & Resources:Led by Dr. Webbe
Dr. Webbe talked about the resources and different offices at APA that provides services to divisions and division officers. 

Oksana Yakushko, PhD, Committee on Early Career Psychologists, spoke to division leaders on ways to get early career psychologists involved and engaged in divisions. 
CODAPAR held its August business meeting at Convention as well. The meeting focused on a brief orientation for newly appointed member, Debra A. Major, PhD, re-assigning divisions to CODAPAR liaisons, discussing the presidents-elect breakfast and planning for the 2011 Division Leadership Conference. John S. Westefeld, PhD, newly appointed CODAPAR member was unable to attend the meeting.

CODAPAR and the Division Services Office co-sponsored the Membership Chairs Discussion at Convention. This session gave division membership chairs the opportunity to meet and discuss pertinent membership issues.  During this forum, the membership data was presented there was be a roundtable discussion and brainstorming session on addressing declining division memberships

CODAPAR also co-sponsored a meeting for division journals editors at Convention. This meeting gave editors the opportunity to meet, discuss issues and to share ideas and tips. This meeting encompassed three foci: (a) learning from experts, (b) networking with each other, and (c) deciding whether to set a course for the future of this group.

Committee Appointments and Elections

On the recommendation of the CODAPAR, The Board of Directors appointed Debra A. Major, PhD and John S. Westefeld, PhD, to the Committee.  Both will serve terms beginning January 2011 through December 2013.  Dr. Kovera was elected as the 2011 Chair and Dr. Reddy as Vice Chair. 

Diversity Training and Representation

CODAPAR has been very active in its quest to recruit and maintain minority representation on the committee.  When members rotate off the committee, CODAPAR builds its slate by making every effort to keep the profile of the committee diverse and gender balanced. In its call for nominations, CODAPAR states that it pays considerable attention to diverse representation on the Committee, including gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, racial and cultural minority status, and practice and science concerns. CODAPAR also uses the Division Leadership Conference to address diversity issues with division officers and had a session that dealt with diversity recruitment on the 2010 DLC program.