Membership Board: 2008 Annual Report

Membership Board Composition and Slates

2008 Membership Committee Members:  Sandra Tars, PhD, Chair; Mary Lou Cheal, PhD, Vice-Chair, Stewart Cooper, PhD, Marcella Boynton Hansen, Dorothy Holmes, PhD, Joy K. Rice, PhD, Ilene Serlin, PhD, Nathan Smith, PhD, Bonnie Strickland, PhD

In 2008 the Membership Board had eight white/caucasian members and one ethnic minority member. The committee had seven female members and two male members. The Membership Board did not have specific diversity training during 2008 but the board continues to focus on broad representation from APA’s diverse membership, ethnic and linguistic minorities, early career interests, and governance newcomers when composing slates for election to the Membership Committee.
Membership Board Objectives

The new Membership Board held its first meeting at the 2008 Spring Consolidated meetings.  The board developed slates of candidates for election to the board in 2009.  Work continued on the top ten recommendations of the Membership Recruitment and Retention Strategic Plan.  The board selected three possible initiatives as the first recommendations to move forward in 2008 to the Board of Directors (BoD), the Finance Committee, and the Council of Representatives (CoR) for approval.  The Membership Board collaborated with the Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) to present two sessions at the upcoming 2008 annual convention:  a town hall meeting featuring APA leaders (CEO, President, and President-Elect) and a session focused on technology and its impact on mentoring.

In the fall, the Membership Board held conference committee meetings at both rounds of the Fall Consolidated Meetings to gather feedback from boards and committees concerning a Proposal for Changing the Dues Structure and NBI33C: Dues Credit to SPTA Members. After the fall meetings the Membership Board decided not to move forward with the Proposal for Changing the Dues Structure. NBI33C: Dues Credit for SPTA members was reviewed by the Board of Directors in December 2008 and the Board recommended that the Dual Member Dues Discount be eliminated beginning in 2010. This item will be on the February 2009 Council agenda.
Waiver Applications & Ethics Cases

The Membership Board approved 1 waiver applications in 2008 and deferred to the decision of the Ethics Committee to recommended approval of 9 ethics cases.