Fellows Committee: 2008 Annual Report

Fellows Committee Composition and Slates

2008 Fellows Committee Members:  Paul Lloyd, PhD, Chair; Florence Denmark, PhD, Vice-Chair, Edmund Nightingale, PhD, Ann O’Roark, PhD, and John Robinson, EdD

In 2008 the Fellows Committee had four white/caucasian members and one ethnic minority member. The committee had seven female members and two male members. The Fellows Committee did not have specific diversity training during 2008 but the committee will continue to focus on broad representation from APA’s diverse membership, ethnic and linguistic minorities, early career interests, and governance newcomers when composing slates for election to the Fellows Committee.

The Fellows Committee Objectives

The Fellows Committee met for the first time in March 2008 and reviewed 128 initial Fellow nominations submitted by various divisions. Dr. Paul Lloyd was elected as the Chair and Florence Denmark, PhD was elected Vice-Chair.

The Fellows Committee met at the APA Convention in Boston, MA. At the convention, the committee hosted a fellow’s chairs workshop and breakfast.  The committee reviewed information regarding one nomination which was appealed. The appeal resulted in a favorable recommendation from the committee.  The committee recommendations are as follows: 128 members recommended for election to Initial Fellow status commencing September 2008.  The APA Fellows Committee Chair presented the committee’s recommendation to the Board of Directors and upon the board’s approval; the recommendations were forwarded to the Council of Representatives for election and were approved by Council.