Division Activities Archive

About the archive

This is an information hub for division officers archiving division activities around pertinent issues division leaders face on a regular basis. These documents are comprised of information gathered from the Division Annual Reports, informal surveys and polls conducted on the Division Officers listserv and resources from the Division Services Office. This archival hub was created to share this wealth of knowledge and documented experiences with division leaders. Before reinventing the wheel, see what activities have been successful, pitfalls to avoid, how similar and different divisions are structured and save time on creating initiatives and projects!


  • Student and ECP Activities (PDF, 68KB): Information on division initiatives and activities centered around students and early career psychologists gathered from the 2006 annual reports.

  • Listserv Campaign Policies (PDF, 20KB): Listserv policies related to campaigning for and endorsing candidates in national, state, and federal elections.

  • Parliamentarian Position (PDF, 9KB): Information on what other divisions have done or are doing when it comes to the position of a parliamentarian on the executive board.

  • Past President Feedback (PDF, 33KB): How involved are past presidents? See what other divisions have to say!

  • Executive Board Meetings (PDF, 6KB): How many does your division have? This matrix maps out how many, what expenses are covered and who attends.

  • Student Representatives (PDF, 38KB): Do most divisions have student representatives on their boards? Are they elected or appointed? Can they vote?

Please note, the information contained in the documents above has been collected over several years and may have changed. These discussions and surveys have been voluntary and not all divisions responded; therefore data may be missing or incomplete.