Division Officers Handbook


This handbook is a resource book for division officers, covering eligibility, structure and function, governance, funds, fellows, allocation of convention time, printing and mailing, and publications and communications.


1. Divisions and APA
  • Division/APA Relationship
  • APA ASME Guidelines
  • Committee on Division/APA Relations
  • Division Services Office
  • Division Annual Reports
  • Division Bylaws, Regulations and Committee Structure
  • Division Legal Activities
  • Lobbying and Election Activities
  • Position or Policy Statements
  • Division Grants and Contracts Activity
  • Policy on Division Involvement in Amicus Activity
  • Accreditation & Certification Activity
  • Association Professional Liability Insurance
  • Establishing a Division
  • Dissolution or Sanctions Imposed on Individual Divisions
2. Election of Division Officers and Council Representatives
  • Division Officers
  • Eligibility to Serve as a Division Officer
  • Council Representation
  • Eligibility to Serve as a Council Representative
  • Election Procedures
  • Provision of Lists of Candidates to Central Office
  • Final Election Ballot
  • Counting and Reporting of Election Results
3. Raising Issues for Council's Consideration
  • Direct Division Input
  • New Business
  • Boards and Committees
  • Petitions of Members
  • Get Your Voice Heard
4. Governance Structure
  • Board and Committee Structure
  • Board of Directors
  • Policy & Planning Board
  • Committee on Structure and Function of the Council
5. APA Membership, Division Membership and Fellow Status
  • Standards for Election to APA
  • Acceptance to APA
  • Standards for Election to a Division
  • Election to a Division
  • Membership in a Newly Established Division
  • Standards for Fellowship Status
  • Election of Initial Fellows
  • Election of Current Fellows
6. Division Funds and Financial Services
  • Dues
  • Dues Statement
  • Division Assessments
  • Dues Billing
  • "Resignation" by Non-Payment of Dues
  • Reinstatement
  • Reapplication
  • Life Membership Status (Dues Exemption)
  • Handling of Division Funds
  • Auditing of Division Accounts
  • Tax Exempt Status, Annual Financial Report and Tax Returns
  • Fundraising
7. Annual Convention & Division Meeting Services
  • Allocation of Program Hours
  • Appointing a Program Chair & Program Planning
  • Pre-Convention Workshops
  • External Funding of APA Convention Activities
  • Invitations to Senior Public Officials
  • Staff Availability
  • Meeting Rooms and Hotel Reservations
8. Publications and Communications Activities
  • Division Journal and Book Policies
  • Letterheads and Newsletter/Journal Mastheads
  • APA Archives
  • APA Arthur W. Melton Library as Depository for Newsletters and Publications
  • Classic Books in Psychology Programs
  • Division Officers Email Network
  • Division Listservs
  • Division Home Pages on the World Wide Web
  • "Division Spotlight"
  • "Calendar"
  • Advertising
9. Printing, Mailing and Data Processing Services
  • Printing & Copying and Mailing Services
  • Computerized Mailing Labels
  • Basic Division Selection Criteria
  • Mailing Labels for Division and State Association Officers, APA Board of Directors and Council Members
  • Division Officers and Committee Chairs Listings and Change of Address
  • Email Addresses
  • Division Directories
  • Requesting APA Division Membership Data
  • Information Categories
  • Permission/Privacy Considerations
  • Correctness of Information
  • Legal Precautions
  • Preferential Postage Rates
10. Other APA Activities of Interest to Divisions
  • Continuing Professional Education
  • American Psychological Foundation
  • Public Affairs
  • APA's Website
  • Center for Workforce Studies
  • Psychology Defense Fund
  • Committee on Women in Psychology Network


  1. Central Office Directory
  2. Chronological Calendar of Responsibilities
  3. Calendar of Responsibilities by Office
  4. Annual Reports From Divisions
  5. ASME Guidelines
  6. Procedures for Submission of Amicus Briefs
  7. History of Creation of Divisions as Structural Units of the APA
  8. Chronological History of Divisions
  9. Division Utilization of Services
  10. APA Division Internet Listserv Request Form
  11. Archival Inventory Form
  12. Summary of APA Nominations/Elections