Legal & finance tips for Divisions

APA's Office of General Counsel and Office of Financial Services answer questions and provide tips for Division leaders

Listservs & social media

APA/Division Listservs and social media sites are governed by a set of rules which include prohibitions or cautions for commercialism, copyright infringement, defamation, antitrust and political campaigning. With the U.S. presidential election cycle coming up, this is a reminder to avoid posting comments in support of or against a candidate for office on APA/Division Listservs, Facebook or other social media of APA or your Division. This includes comments in support of or against candidates for office and even includes the telling of jokes (e.g., "Obama and Romney walk into a bar..."). APA policies for Listservs and social media are below.

APA's Central Office can provide Division leaders with legal or finance support. For additional questions, contact:

Legal/Congract Questions: Jesse Raben

Finance Questions: Richard Payling-Wright