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Updates from the Science Directorate

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Updates from the Practice Directorate

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Updates from the Public Interest Directorate

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Public Interest Executive Director, Gwendolyn P. Keita, PhD is now on Twitter.  Follow DrGwenPKeita for Public Interest related news, activities, resources, and opportunities for psychologists, as well as advocacy activities and priorities.

Updates from the Education Directorate

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The Education Directorate of the American Psychological Association has an immediate opening for an Associate Executive Director for Graduate and Postgraduate Education. This position will direct, coordinate, and evaluate Education Directorate programs and initiatives related to graduate and postgraduate education in psychological science with an emphasis on academic, non-clinical domains.
This is a senior staff position within the Education Directorate. Applicant should have demonstrated leadership skills in academic psychology and higher education with evidence of national recognition and reputation within scientific psychology communities. Applicant will interact extensively with APA governance leaders at all levels (including the Board of Directors and Council of Representatives) and with leaders of national and international groups outside the APA that are focused on issues of graduate and postdoctoral education and training in psychology and other academic disciplines.  
Applicants should hold a doctoral degree in psychology, APA Fellow preferred. Successful candidates will have at least 7-10 postdoctoral years of academic leadership experience in graduate and postgraduate education and training of academic psychologists, with particular focus on teaching, research, and other scholarly activities in higher education related to academic psychology.
For a detailed job description, please feel free to contact Dr. Cynthia Belar.