Sample Apportionment Ballot Letter

Dear Member of Division 17:

We are writing to strongly encourage you to cast as many votes as you can for Division 17 on the upcoming apportionment ballot mailing. Division 17 has had three Council representatives for many years, but we are now in danger of dropping to two representatives. We need your support. Too often members throw away their ballot, thinking their votes don't make a difference. But this is the way Division 17 can have a voice in APA.

We believe that Council and Division 17 would benefit from a strong voice from Division 17 about matters that are directly linked to our Division's interests. We list some of these issues below in bullet format.

Education: Commission on Education and Training Leadership to Licensure in Psychology. This Commission is charged with making recommendations for modifications in education, clinical training, examination, and supervision requirements leading to licensure in psychology.

Practice: Treatment and Practice Guidelines. Training Guidelines for Practice in Geropsychology are under review.

Science: Academic Enhancement Initiative. Funding allocated to enhance psychological science.

Public Interest: Council voted to adopt the Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients (February 2000).

These are important matters! We need your votes to sustain three representatives from Division 17. We should try to attain a fourth representative. One future issue that Division 17 (along with Divisions 35 and 45) is promoting and bringing forward to Council concerns Guidelines for Multicultural Competencies. Your Council representatives speak to your issues on an organizational level. Every vote counts. Please consider Division 17 in your allotment of votes.

Thank you.


Linda Forrest
Janet Helms
Gerald Stone
Council Representatives, Division 17