Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice

Division 37: Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice is concerned with professional and scientific issues relative to services and service structures for children and youth. The Division seeks to advance research, education, training, and practice and relate psychological knowledge to other fields such as anthropology, law, and pediatrics in such areas as employment, education, recreation, and family planning. The Society's newsletter, Child and Family Policy and Practice Advocate, focuses on selected topics such as the critical needs of ethnic minorities, children's media, the effectiveness of child maltreatment prevention programs, and the treatment of violent juvenile offenders.



Sharon G. Portwood, JD, PhD


Amy L. Damashek, PhD


Division-Sponsored Publications
  • No Place to Go: Civil Commitment of Minors (Gary B. Melton, PhD)

  • Behavioral Toxicology (Gary B. Melton, PhD)

  • Prevention of Child Maltreatment (edited by Diane Willis, Wayne Holden, and Mindy Rosenberg and published by Wiley)

  • Adolescent Abortion

  • Psychology and Child Custody Determination

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Division Section

Section on Child Maltreatment

  • President: Jennifer Kaminski, PhD, CDC National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Atlanta
  • Secretary: Jenelle Shanley, PhD, National SafeCare Training & Research Center, Atlanta
  • Newsletter: Section on Child Maltreatment Newsletter

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