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Phone numbers and email addresses for advertising contacts across APA.


To learn how APA advocates on Capitol Hill and among other professional societies for legislation and issues affecting the practice of psychology, see issues or email the Practice Organization.

For advocacy of education, science, and public interest issues, see Advocacy or email the Public Policy Office.


See the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students site. For more information email the APAGS Office.

APA Insurance Trust

Find services of the APA Insurance Trust or email the APAIT Office.

APA Style

For frequently asked questions about APA Style, visit APA Style. For questions about the electronic software, see the APA-Style Helper or email the APA Style Helper staff.

Boards and Committees

Find information on APA Boards and Committees including elections and meetings or email the Governance Office.


Find and order APA Books. If questions remain, email Books.

Center for Workforce Studies (CWS)

For survey reports and data on education and employment (including salaries), see Reports and Data or email the Center for Workforce Studies (CWS).

Children's Books

Magination Press publishes books about children's special concerns, like ADD, fear of the dark, death and dying, and more. Visit Magination Press or email Magination Press.

Continuing Education

For information about continuing education credits and programs, please go to Continuing Education.


Find APA Annual Convention information or email Convention.

Copyright & Permissions

See Copyright and Permission for information about using APA material. Email Permissions if you have questions.


See the Databases site.

For questions or problems with any of the APA databases, please contact us.

Directions to APA

Basic driving directions to APA are available at Directions.


Find a Division listing or email Division Services.

Education Directorate

See frequently asked questions pages for Accreditation or send an email to the Education Directorate. Send questions about continuing education via email.


Find the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.

To file an ethics complaint, please send a short note by regular mail or fax (not by e-mail) to the Ethics Office. Please provide the name of the individual(s) against whom you wish to file your complaint and the state in which they practice. Address it to:

APA Ethics Office
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002

The FAX number is (202) 336-5997. Please note that APA has jurisdiction to investigate complaints regarding only APA members.

For questions about the Ethics Codes and noncomplaint-related issues, we request that you phone the Ethics Office directly at (202) 336-5930 or use APA's toll free number (800) 374-2721 and follow the oral directions to reach extension 5930. The complexity involved in responding to ethics matters precludes using email; and very often, a brief telephone conversation can more quickly target the issue involved and facilitate our response.

Executive Office & Central Programs

Email the Executive Office or Central Programs.

Finance & Administration

Email the Finance Office for questions related to APA:

  • Account receivable invoices

  • Payments paid by Accounting Clearing House (ACH), and wire payments

  • IRS W-9 forms

  • 1099 forms issued by APA

Other APA Inquiries: email the following offices: 

  • Membership payments, dues, subscriptions, journals, communications, benefit inquiries; email Membership. 

  • Book order inquiries: email Books/Order.

  • Graduate student information inquiries; email APAGS.

  • International degrees and licensing inquiries; email Practice or International Affairs.

  • Educational program inquiries; email the Education Directorate.


For questions about APA gradPSYCH subscriptions, email Subscriptions. To send feedback or letters to the editor, email gradPSYCH. To place an ad, email Advertising.


Find information on the Governing Bodies of APA — including bylaws, rules, boards & committees, elections and meetings, email the Governance Office.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Email ITS.

International Affairs

Find APA programs and international psychology associations at Programs and Associations or email the International Affairs Office.


Find information on selected APA Job Openings.


Send subscription questions to Subscriptions. For other journals questions, email Journals.

Email Letters to the Editor of American Psychologist.

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American Psychological Association
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(800) 374-2721
(202) 336-5500


Find press releases, position papers and information for the media at Public Affairs or email Public Affairs.


  • Webmaster for website questions 

  • The Monitor for letters to the Monitor editor

  • Public Affairs Office for Public Affairs

Media Referral Service

APA can provide referrals for the news media to experts in a wide variety of issues. Please see the American Psychological Association Media Referral Service.


Find information on membership types, benefits and dues at Membership. Renew your membership at Renewal (requires login). For questions, email Membership.


For questions about APA Monitor subscriptions, email Subscriptions. To send feedback or letters to the editor, email the Monitor. To place an ad, email Advertising.

Office of the President

For a welcome from the APA President, please see Welcome.


To order publications or inquire about the status of your order, email Publications or call (800) 374-2721.

Permissions & Copyright

For information about copyright and permission to use APA material, please go to Copyright. For questions, email Permissions.

Practice Directorate

The Practice Directorate is involved in a broad range of activities in support of psychology practitioners and mental health consumers (includes licensure issues). See the Practice site or email one of the offices below:

  • Main

  • Executive Office

  • Federal Advocacy

  • Legal & Regulatory Affairs

  • Public Relations & Communications

  • Office of Rural Health

  • State Advocacy


See the PsycINFO site.

For questions or problems with PsycINFO Online or PsycINFO Direct, email Customer Service. Other questions and comments about PsycINFO should be directed to PsycINFO User Services.


PsycPORT delivers the latest psychology news from more than 50 information sources every day. You can also email PsycPORT with questions.

Public Affairs

Send general questions about APA to the Public Affairs Office. Email questions about international programs to the International Affairs Office.

For immediate assistance after normal business hours (8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.), please contact Lisa Bowen at (202) 200-8207.

Public Interest Directorate

Public Interest programs address issues related to aging; AIDS; children, youth, and families; disability; ethnic minorities; lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals; violence; urban initiatives; public interest policy advocacy and women. For information on these topics, see the Public Interest site or email the Public Interest Directorate.

Public Policy

For information on federal legislative advocacy in the behavioral sciences, see Advocacy or email the Public Policy Office.

Publications & Databases

Email questions about electronic products and member database packages to the Service Center. Or email APA Books, APA Journals or APA Databases/PsycINFO® User Services.


We cannot respond to specific questions regarding personal situations, appropriate diagnosis or treatment, professional resources available in your area or otherwise provide any clinical opinions. If you believe you might benefit from the services of a mental health professional, please call 1-800-964-2000 to receive a referral to a psychologist in the United States or Canada. If you live elsewhere, contact your national psychological association or a local mental health facility. If you believe you need immediate assistance, please call your local emergency number or the mental health crisis hotline listed in your local phone book's government pages.

Some State Psychological Associations also provide local referrals.

Research Funding

The APA Research Psychology Funding Bulletin provides listings of federal and private research funding opportunities.

Rural Psychology

See the Rural Psychology site or email Rural Psychology.

Science Directorate
  • For information on the science of psychology, see Science or email the Science Directorate.

  • For questions about psychological tests, see Testing.

  • Science Government Relations Office
  • Graduate students in psychological science: Science Student Council

To subscribe to APA Journals, see Journals. Email questions about subscriptions to Subscriptions.

Support Center

If you can't find what you are looking for, submit your question to the APA Customer Support Team.


APA neither endorses nor sells psychological tests but does provide information on using available resources to find tests and test publishers. See Test Resources or email Testing.


Buy APA Videos online. For questions about orders email Orders.


If you have questions or comments about our website, or the information and services provided, email the Webmaster. If you need to report problems with electronic products, search engines, or ordering of APA databases or books please email Customer Service