Early Graduate Student Researcher Award

These Science Student Council awards recognize outstanding student researchers early in their graduate training.

Deadline: September 15, 2015

Sponsor: APA Science Student Council


The purpose of the Early Graduate Student Researcher Awards program is to recognize students for conducting outstanding research early in their graduate training (i.e., research conducted within the first two years of doctoral study). The award focuses on both the student’s general research experience and specific completed research projects. The research independence of the applicant as well as the novelty and implications of research performed as a graduate student will be used for evaluation purposes. Therefore preference may be given to students who have completed their second year of doctoral studies.

The funds may be used for direct research expenses (e.g., computer time, animal care, equipment, participant fees and incentives), software and/or conference travel; it may not be used for tuition, fees or personal expenses.

Each recipient receives an award of $1,000.

Two articles have been written about past recipients of this award: "Where Are They Now? A Look at APASSC's Past Early Researcher Award Winners" and "Looking back on past Early Graduate Student Researcher award winners: Where are they now?"

How to Apply
Past Recipients