International Scientific Meeting Support Award

The APA Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP) invites applications for funds for scientific meetings that foster the exchange of knowledge among psychologists across the world.

Deadline: March 1, 2015

Sponsor: APA Office of International Affairs


This fund typically provides grants of $500-$1,000 in support of international scientific meetings.

Funds may be used for activities associated with scientific meetings such as the following. Priority will be given to high-impact, specific activities over support to a "general fund" for specific targets:

  • Scientific meeting organizing expenses (e.g., printing, postage, supplies).

  • Scholarships for travel and/or registration for targeted groups (e.g., students, special speakers, presenters from a transitional or a developing country).

  • Support for special events associated with a scientific meeting (e.g., historical exhibits).

  • Social or cultural events associated with a meeting.

  • Funds may be used to support planning activities in years prior to the conference year.

How to Apply
Past Recipients