Early Career Achievement Award (Work, Stress and Health Conference)

This award honors young researchers and practitioners who have made exceptional early career contributions to the science and/or practice of occupational health psychology and who attend the Work, Stress and Health Conference.

Sponsor: Work, Stress and Health Office

For the 2015 program, individuals who received doctoral degrees during and since 2007 are eligible for this award.
How to Apply

Please provide:

  • A completed nomination form (PDF, 289KB).

  • A current vita of the nominee.

  • No more than five publications or other products as appropriate to nominee (e.g., academic publications, industry reports).

  • A letter of nomination (at least two pages in length, noting the impact of contribution(s) to either the science or the practice of OHP).

  • For self-nominations, which are both allowed and encouraged, please include one additional letter of support.

Nominations can be submitted in two ways:

  1. First, download and complete the nomination form.

  2. Next, send your nomination as an email attachment to Vicki Magley. Please use "Early Career Award" as the subject of the email and attach all electronic files (nomination form, nomination letter, letter of support [if self-nominating] and publications, as relevant). Compiling all materials into either a single zipped or (preferred) PDF package is very helpful.

Past Recipients


Sharon Toker, PhD
Autumn Krauss, PhD


Stavroula Leka, PhD
Nick Turner, PhD


Karina Marietta Nielsen, PhD
Mo Wang, PhD


Jian Li, MD, PhD, MPH