Melissa Institute Dissertation Research Awards

The goal of this award is to support violence prevention research.

Deadline: April 1, 2016; April 1, 2017

Sponsor: Melissa Institute


The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment is a not-for-profit educational, research and consultative organization that was established to honor the memory of Melissa Aptman, a Miami native who was murdered in May 1995. The Melissa Institute provides scholarship awards to support violence prevention research.

The Melissa Institute is offering four awards of $2,000 each. The awards are available to graduate students who address issues of violence prevention and/or treatment. The award must be used to support expenses that are directly related to the dissertation research (e.g., subject fees, computer time, equipment). It may not be used for tuition, personal travel or personal expenses.

Applicant must be a student in an accredited doctoral dissertation program; candidates may be from any academic discipline; applicants must have their dissertation proposal approved by their dissertation committee prior to their application to The Melissa Institute.
How to Apply

Applicants must include the following information in their submission:

  1. Title of the proposed thesis;

  2. brief 300 word abstract of proposed study;

  3. hypotheses to be tested and research design; 

  4. description of subjects – number and how selected;

  5. list of proposed measures;

  6. proposed data analyses;

  7. budget justification; 

  8. proposed timeline for completion;

  9. and a letter of recommendation from your dissertation advisor.

No electronic submissions accepted. Also include a curriculum vitae, including any scientific publications and presentations with a brief description of your career plan. Annual selection is May 15th. Winners will be required to submit one copy of the full proposal and documentation of committee approval. Download a cover sheet and dissertation flyer and mail application to:

The Melissa Institute Belfer-Aptman Dissertation Research Award
Attn: Dr. Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D.
6250 Sunset Drive Suite 204
Miami, Florida 33143
Phone: 786-662-5210 Fax: 786-662-5211