Leslie W. Joyce and Paul W. Thayer Graduate Fellowship in I-O Psychology

This fellowship is designed to provide financial support to a doctoral student is I-O psychology who is specializing in training and development and/or selection and placement.

Sponsor: Division 14


The SIOP Foundation is pleased to announce funding for a new graduate student fellowship, which recognizes the mentoring relationship existing between Dr. Leslie Joyce and Dr. Paul Thayer, both during graduate school and during Dr. Joyce’s subsequent career.

The fellowship provides an annual award of $10,000 (from start of academic year through the following summer).

The Joyce and Thayer Fellowship Committee (appointed by the Award Committee chair), will select one fellow based on:

  • The quality of the undergraduate or graduate record, including appropriateness of coursework to specialization in training and development and/or selection and placement 

  • The quality of the master’s thesis or research summary, both scientifically and practically  

  • The clarity and realism of the statement of goals and aspirations 

  • Relevance of any applied experience to career specialization 

  • Appropriateness of faculty recommendations

How to Apply
Past Recipients