Albert Ellis Institute: Clinical Fellowship

This fellowship offers the opportunity for postgraduates to be trained by Albert Ellis and the senior staff while carrying a diverse caseload of individual clients and participating in special seminars and ongoing clinical research.

Sponsor: Albert Ellis Insitute


Fellowships are part-time, two-year appointments in which candidates receive in the Institute's clinic, co-lead groups and workshops, receive 3 hours of individual and group supervision a week, and participate in research. Fellows and Interns receive a stipend for their participation. Successful completion of all requirements will result in Fellowship or Associate Fellowships status. The Fellowships and Internship Programs offer highly diversified training. Clinical experience: Fellows devote 11 hours per week to clinical practice, including co-leading a therapy group with senior staff. (Interns carry more client hours). Supervision: 3 hours of supervision per week. Co-lead workshops in coping with anxiety, anger procrastination, eating disorders, and numerous other topics. Clinical seminars: Mental health and other professionals are brought in to provide a comprehensive training experience.

How to Apply