Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

The purpose of this program is to stimulate epilepsy research by providing funding for investigators in the early stages of their careers.

Sponsor: Epilepsy Foundation


The Epilepsy Foundation awards post-doctoral fellowships for cutting-edge research into the causes, treatment and consequences of epilepsy.  Program goals include understanding basic mechanisms, developing new therapeutic approaches, understanding the behavioral and psychosocial aspects of having epilepsy, and encouraging the professional development of scientists and healthcare professionals.  The purpose of the Post-doctoral Research Fellowship Program is to support the post-doctoral training of academic physicians and scientists committed to epilepsy research.  The Foundation’s fellowships offer qualified individuals the opportunity to develop expertise in epilepsy research through a one-year involvement in a research project of potential significance.

The Postdoctoral Research Fellowship is geared toward individuals who will conduct research in epilepsy rather than those who use epilepsy as a tool for research in other fields.  Applications will be considered equally from individuals interested in acquiring experience either in basic laboratory research or in the conduct of human clinical studies.   The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers one year of research support.  The fellowship carries a stipend of $45,000 dependent on funds available. Funds for the fellowships are provided by the Epilepsy Foundation and various sponsors.  The number of awards granted each year is contingent on funds available.

How to Apply