EAESP Summer School Stipends

SPSP offers five stipends per year for eligible students to attend the Summer School of the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology.

Sponsor: Division 8


SPSP participates in the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology Summer Schools by co-sponsoring up to 5 students enrolled in a Ph.D. program in the United States or Canada.

The summer school, a long-time EAESP tradition, is held every two years. The main goal is to familiarize students with the latest theoretical, methodological, and empirical developments in specific subfields of social psychology. This in turn should help them plan and execute their own research projects in the future.

An equally important function is to facilitate contact among young scholars from different countries, encouraging collaborative relationships and research. Previous summer schools have been very successful in this regard.

Summer School Workshops

Five parallel workshops are planned, each with about 12 student participants working with two instructors. The names of instructors and their topics are:
Workshop 1: Attitudes (Greg Maio & Geoff Haddock
Workshop 2: Gender and Sexuality (Michelle Ryan & Peter Hegarty
Workshop 3: Intergroup Relations (Thomas Kessler & Stephanie Demoulin
Workshop 4: The Self (Aiden Gregg & Claire Hart
Workshop 5: Self Cognition (Luigi Castelli &Willhelm Hofmann
Each workshop will meet daily for the full period. There will also be guest speakers as well as ample opportunities for informal contacts. A significant amount of pre-workshop reading is expected. The official language of the workshops will be English.

Five places have been reserved for SPSP members, and SPSP will contribute to board, lodging, and registration for these participants.
• Participants will be expected to pay the student fee of 200 Euros.
• SPSP will contribute up to $400 per participant to cover travel costs to Cardiff. (We expect that participants will cover the rest of their travel expenses themselves.)

How to Apply