Diversity Fund Graduate Award

This award is given in an effort to increase the degree of diversity within personality and social psychology.

Sponsor: Division 8


The Society for Personality and Social Psychology has established a fund devoted to increasing diversity within personality and social psychology. As part of this initiative, eligible graduate students are invited to apply for travel awards to attend the SPSP annual conference.

The award includes up to $500 in conference-related expenses, including transportation, lodging, food, and conference registration.

In a typical year, roughly 12 awardees receive funds to attend the annual conference.

The SPSP Diversity and Climate Committee will also host a welcome reception for award recipients during the conference (time and location to be announced). Award winners are required to attend this reception.


To be eligible for this award a nominee must:

  • Be enrolled in a Ph.D. graduate program with an emphasis in personality/social psychology. Note: Students who have completed one or less years or five or more years are not eligible.

  • Be a member of SPSP. (If not already a member or you need to renew your membership you may due so when submitting your form or by visiting our website.)

  • Be a member of an underrepresented group in personality/social psychology. These groups include ethnic and racial minorities; first-generation college students; LGBT students; and students with a physical disability.

  • Explain how their participation at the conference advance SPSP’s goal of enhancing diversity.

  • Not have received a Graduate Student Travel Award or a Diversity Fund Graduate Award from the SPSP in the past.

SPSP is an international organization and will accept applications from students outside of the United States.

How to Apply

Please address all inquiries to the Diversity and Climate Committee Chair.

Award winners must accept or decline their award within 48 hours of notification. Award winners are required to submit (via email) a short biographical sketch and a high-resolution photograph of themselves no later than one week after the notification of award. The award letter will contain complete details on how to document conference expenses, and it will include further information on the welcome reception for award recipients. 

Past Recipients


Omoniyi Adekanmbi, Thomas Allen, Susan A. Andrzejewski, Brian Armenta, Jillian Banfield, Jamil Palacios Bhanji, Courtney Bonam, Kerra Bui, Matthew Paolucci Callahan, Melody Manchi Chao, John Christensen, Mesmin Destin, Kristin Dukes, Dina Eliezer, Kathleen Fortune, Julie Hall, Suman ("Sue") Lam, Jolie Martin, Kenneth Matos, Matthew Maxwell-Smith, David Myles, Robert Outten, Destiny Peery, Nick Rule, Phia Salter, Ahmet Uysal, Nicole Walden, Russ Webster, Clara Wilkins


Evelyn Au, Joshua Eng, David Frost, Toshie Imada, Jennifer Kubota, Alvin Ty Law, Tiane Lee, Sawsan Mbirkou, Curtis Phills, Alisha Watts, Lawrence Williams, Jessica Williamson


Modupe Akinola, Stephenie Chaudoir, Tiffany Griffin, Tay Hack, Ryan Yee-shiun Hong, Valerie Jones, Justin Lehmiller, Jamaal McDell, Zayra N. Longoria, Tamar Saguy, Francine Segovia, Jennifer Thorpe


Laura Naumann, Lasana Harris, Yuri Miyamoto, Adam Fingerhut, Adrienne Carter, Amir Rosenmann, Anne M. Koenig, C. Lamonte Powell, Charles R. Seger, Justin Park, Naomi M. Hall, Diana Sanchez


Edna Acosta-Pérez, Etsuko Hoshino-Browne, Jennifer Weisho Bruce, Edward Burkley, Charlene Christie, Julie Garcia, Ka-yee Leung, Wesley Moons, Christopher Motz, Kenji Noguchi, Eden-Reneé Pruitt, Edith Rickett, Alecia Marie Santuzzi, Antoinette Semenya, Andrew Szeto


Clara Michelle Cheng, Christine Aramburu Alegria Drury, Jennifer Emilia Eells, Janelle Jones, Chandra Osborn, Lora Park, Arelys Feliciano Sánchez, Michelle See, Simine Vazire


Jamie Loran Franco, Janetta Lun, Danielle Menzies-Toman, Lisa Molix, Luis M. Rivera, Benjamin Saunders


FangFang Chen, Henry A. Danso, Patricia Ellerson, Azenett A. Garza, Edina Jambor, Hollie Jones, Brittne M. Nelson, Sunyoung Oh, Yesilernis Peña