Distinguished Professional Contributions Award (Division 14)

This award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the practice of industrial and organizational psychology.

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The Distinguished Professional Contributions award is given to an individual who has developed, refined, and implemented practices, procedures, and methods that have had a major impact on both people in organizational settings and the profession of I-O psychology.

The contributions of the individual should have advanced the profession by increasing the effectiveness of I-O psychologists working in business, industry, government, and other organizational settings.

Nominees are considered for this award based on the following points:

  • The general nature of the nominee’s contributions to the practice of I-O psychology.

  • The contributions that the nominee has made to either (a) the development of practices, procedures, and methods; or (b) the implementation of practices, procedures and methods. If appropriate, contributions of both types should be noted.

  • If relevant, the extent to which there is scientifically sound evidence to support the effectiveness of the relevant practices, procedures and methods of the nominee.

  • The impact of the nominee’s contributions on the practice of I-O psychology.

  • The stature of the nominee as a practitioner vis-à-vis other prominent practitioners in the field of I-O psychology.

  • The evidence or documentation that is available to support the contributions of the nominee. Nominators should provide more than mere testimonials about the impact of a nominee’s professional contributions.

  • The extent to which the nominee has disseminated information about his or her methods, procedures and practices through publications, presentations, workshops and so forth. The methods, procedures and practices must be both available to and utilized by other practicing I-O psychologists.

  • The organizational setting(s) of the nominee’s work (industry, government, academia, etc.) will not be a factor in selecting a winner of the award.

  • This award is intended to recognize a lifetime of contributions to the profession of I-O psychology.

The recipient of the award is given a plaque and a cash prize of $1,500. In addition, the recipient is invited to give an address, related to his or her contributions, at the subsequent meeting of SIOP.

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