Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) Leadership Awards

The APA Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) invites nominations for its annual Leadership Awards. These awards demonstrate CWP’s commitment to ensuring that women receive equity both within psychology and as consumers of psychological services, and that issues pertaining to women are kept at the forefront of psychological research, education, training and practice.

Deadline: February 1, 2016

Sponsor: APA Committee on Women in Psychology


The following categories are used to examine each candidate’s work and qualifications. Leadership may be demonstrated by significant contributions in one or more of the following areas:


This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding delivery of psychological services to women. Such leadership includes working directly with women, directing and/or supervising psychological services for women, and/or development of innovative psychological services for women.


This award recognizes innovative, high-quality research accomplishments that affect women’s lives or improve their status. Such leadership includes but is not limited to (a) increasing our general knowledge and understanding of women’s experiences and development; and/or (b) developing theory and research relevant to decreasing societal biases (e.g., sexism, racism, heterosexism, abelism, ageism, etc.) that impede the advancement of women. Relevant activities include publication, teaching and mentoring.

Public Interest

This award recognizes individuals whose efforts have furthered the welfare of women. Such leadership includes but is not limited to (a) promoting policy/legislation that improves the welfare of women; (b) increasing the representation of women in psychology and society; (c) advocating for the rights of women; (d) using the psychology of science to advance women’s lives; (e) challenging the discrimination and harassment of all women; and (f) improving the welfare of underrepresented subpopulations of women in psychology and society.

Service in Psychology

This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their service to psychology, nationally and internationally. Such leadership includes serving in multiple leadership positions in the governance of psychology-oriented groups, having a sustaining impact and influence on women’s issues in policy and procedures in professional organizations, and/or tackling important and significant issues for women as part of their leadership activities.


Nominees will be identified as “emerging” or “distinguished” leaders in one or more areas of influence: practice, scholarship, public interest and service in psychology. Emerging leaders are psychologists who have received their doctorate within the past 15 years, have made a substantial contribution to women in psychology and show promise of an extensive, influential career. Distinguished leaders are psychologists who have worked for 15 years or more after receiving their doctorate. They should have a longstanding influence on women’s issues and status and should be recognized leaders in their area of expertise.

How to Apply

All nominations must include a brief statement of support for the nominee (500-word maximum), a current vita and three letters of reference. Reference letters should indicate whether the candidate is being nominated as an emerging or a distinguished leader, and identify the areas in which the candidate has made contributions (practice, scholarship, public interest and/or service in psychology). Additionally, letters should address the nominees’ leadership activities, contributions and scope of influence that advance knowledge for and about women, foster understanding of women’s lives, and improve the status of women and underrepresented populations of women in psychology and society. Nominees must be full members of APA.

Current CWP members, liaisons and monitors to CWP, BAPPI members and other like representatives, members of APA’s Board of Directors, individuals who have announced candidacy for APA President, and APA staff are not eligible to apply during the year(s) they serve in the aforementioned positions and two years after. CWP members cannot make nominations. Award recipients, selected by CWP at the spring meeting, are announced at the following APA Convention.

Nominations and supporting materials must be postmarked by Feb. 2, 2015.

Incomplete nominations and materials sent after the deadline will not be reviewed. Send nominations materials to: Women's Programs Office, American Psychological Association, 750 First St., NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242, and/or by fax to (202) 336-6117, and/or by email.

Past Recipients