Award for Distinguished Contributions for the Education and Training of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Psychologists

This award recognizes American Psychological Association or Canadian Psychological Association accredited doctoral and internship programs, as well as postdoctoral training programs that prepare future psychologists to promote the optimal development of child and adolescent mental health within the context of families, schools, or communities.

Sponsor: APA Board of Educational Affairs


Review Process

The award will be presented every other year and will include a financial component.

Submissions must include:

  1. Program description

  2. Description of the program's pioneering education and training practices related to child and adolescent mental health


Programs must provide documentation of exemplary education and training initiatives that transform mental health practices or policies for children and adolescents and that reflect proactive leadership in the development of best practices in one or more of the following domains:

  • Evidenced-based Practices 

  • Services Research 

  • Policy Development and Evaluation 

  • Program Development and Evaluation

Program initiatives must demonstrate that they are developmentally appropriate, culturally competent, and reflect one or more of the following characteristics:

  • School-linked 

  • Family-centered 

  • Consumer friendly 

  • Community oriented

Panel Judging

The panel judging the nominations and making recommendations to the Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) will be appointed by BEA. The panel will include members of the BEA and members of the APA Inter-Divisional Task Force on Child and Adolescent Mental Health. The panel will be chaired by a member of BEA.


The award and a description of the department and its program, will be published in the APA Monitor. There is the possibility that more than one awardee may be recognized (in which case the stipend will be divided among the awardees).

How to Apply