Master Lecturers Program

This APA Science Directorate program supports up to five psychological scientists to speak at the APA Annual Convention.

Sponsor: Board of Scientific Affairs


The Master Lecture Program, developed by the APA Board of Scientific Affairs, supports up to five (5) psychological scientists to speak at the APA Annual Convention. The lectures have been organized into 10 core areas that reflect the field. Each year, five of these areas are addressed by Master Lecturers. Speakers for the 2016 APA Annual Convention, to be held in Denver, Aug. 4-7, 2016, will be chosen to have expertise in each of the following areas:

  • Developmental psychology.

  • Learning, behavior and action.

  • Methodology.

  • Psychopathology and treatment.

  • Social and cultural psychology.

Selected speakers receive an honorarium of $500 and up to $1,000 reimbursement for travel expenses.

How to Apply

The APA Board of Scientific Affairs will solicit nominations for the Master Lecturers Program in late 2014.

Please send in the name of your nominee(s) by email or fax to:

Rachel Martin
APA Science Directorate
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
Fax: (202) 336-5953

Past Recipients


Nancy Eisenberg, Developmental Psychology
Daniel Stokols, Learning, Behavior, and Action
David Kenny, Methodology/ Social and Cultural Psychology
Timothy Trull, Psychopathology and Treatment


Wayne Cascio, Applied Psychology
Dorothy Hatsukami, Biopsychology
Alex Martin, Cognition and Perception
Phillip Shaver, Personality and Individual Differences


Patricia Bauer, Developmental Psychology
David MacKinnon, Methodology
George Koob, Psychopathology and Treatment
Jennifer Crocker, Social and Cultural Psychology


Gary Klein, Applied Psychology
Kent Berridge, Biopsychology
Marcia Johnson, Cognition and Perception
Douglas Massey, Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Sam Gosling, Personality and Individual Differences


Jaana Juvonen, Developmental Psychology
Jeffrey Alberts, Learning, Behavior, and Action
Steven Reise, Methodology
Ty Cannon, Psychopathology and Treatment
Harry Triandis, Social and Cultural Psychology


Eduardo Salas, Applied Psychology
Howard Eichenbaum, Cognition and Perception
Chris Dunkel Schetter, Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Dean Keith Simonton, Personality and Individual Differences


Linda Smith, Developmental Psychology
Mark Bouton, Learning, Behavior, and Action
Jose Cortina, Methodology
Connie Hammen, Psychopathology
Michele Gelfand, Social and Cultural Psychology


James Outtz, Applied Psychology
Martha McClintock, Biopsychology
Ed Wasserman, Cognition & Perception
Vickie Mays, Health & Behavioral Medicine
Martin Seligman, Personality & Individual Differences


Ritch Savin-Williams, Developmental Psychology
John Gabrieli, Learning, Behavior, and Action
Judith Singer & John Willett, Methodology
Elaine Walker, Psychopathology and Treatment
James Sidanius, Social and Cultural Psychology


Paul Sackett, Applied psychology
Megan Gunnar, Biopsychology
Susan Goldin-Meadow, Cognition and perception
Shelley Taylor, Health and behavioral medicine
Susan Kay Nolen-Hoeksema, Personality and individual differences


Stephen Suomi, Developmental psychology
Mark Bouton, Learning, behavior, and action
Leona Aiken & Stephen West, Methodology
Ian Gotlib, Psychopathology and treatment
Susan Fiske, Social and cultural psychology


Gary Wells, Applied psychology
Mortimer Mishkin, Biopsychology — animal and human
John Jonides, Cognition and perception
Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, Health and behavioral medicine
William Cross, Personality and individual differences


Steve Porges, Developmental psychology
John Kruschke, Learning, behavior, and action
Peter Bentler, Methodology
Lyn Abramson & Lauren Alloy, Psychopathology and treatment
Anne Peplau, Social and cultural psychology


Elliot Aronson, Applied psychology
Michela Gallagher, Biopsychology — animal and human
Larry Jacoby, Cognition and perception
Karen Matthews, Health and behavioral medicine
Laura Carstensen, Personality and individual differences


Paul Gold, Animal learning and behavior
Richard Lerner, Developmental psychology
Alan Kazdin, Psychopathology and treatment
Martha Farah, Sensation, perception, and action
Richard Nisbett, Social and cultural psychology


Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, Applied psychology
Klaus Miczek, Biopsychology — animal and human
Daniel Schacter, Cognition and human learning
Tiffany Field, Health and behavioral medicine
Robert Sternberg, Personality and individual differences


A. Charles Catania, Animal learning and behavior
Peter Ornstein, Developmental psychology
Susan Mineka, Psychopathology and treatment
Ken Nakayama, Sensation, perception, and action
Hazel Markus, Social and cultural psychology


Jacob Cohen, Applied psychology
William Greenough, Biopsychology — animal and human
Henry Roediger, III, Cognition and human learning
Vickie Mays, Health and behavioral medicine
Lewis Goldberg, Personality and individual differences


Charles Snowdon, Animal learning and behavior
Judy Dunn, Developmental psychology
Martin E. P. Seligman, Psychopathology and treatment
Roger Shepard, Sensation, perception, and action
Claude Steele, Social and cultural psychology