Raymond D. Fowler Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Professional Development of Graduate Students

This award is given annually to a psychologist who has made an outstanding contribution to the professional development of students.

Deadline: April 1, 2016

Sponsor: APAGS


The support of former APA president and CEO Raymond D. Fowler, PhD, was critical in establishing APAGS within APA. Criteria for selection include encouraging and facilitating academic and/or scientific excellence, encouraging broader socialization of students and helping students to shape their own professional identity. One recipient per year will be awarded an engraved plaque. Additionally, the recipient and his or her nominator will each receive up to $500 in reimbursable expenses to attend APA Annual Convention the same year that their application is reviewed.


Candidates for the award must be nominated by at least one APAGS member graduate student who is currently enrolled in a graduate program in psychology.

Note: Current and former APAGS Committee members, subcommittee chairs and task force chairs are not eligible. In addition, former APAGS subcommittee members or ad hoc reviewers who have previously reviewed this award are not eligible to nominate.

How to Apply

Each application must include all of the following materials:

  1. Nomination letter or letters (each should not exceed one page, single-spaced) There is a maximum number of seven attachments allowed in the online submission. If there is more than five nomination letters, the letters should be combined into one document.
  2. Curriculum vitae for the nominee.

Please submit each of these items as a separate PDF file. We will not accept Word documents. Letters of recommendation (if and only if stated as a requirement above) should also be in PDF form; however, we will accept both Word and PDF versions of the letter of recommendation only.


Please note the online system will close at 11:59 p.m. (ET) on the day of the deadline; all application materials must be submitted at that time. No mail submissions will be accepted. If you are not an APAGS member at the time of submission you may attach a copy of the receipt you get when you join APA/APAGS electronically as proof of your membership. Letters of recommendation may be submitted separately via email by the deadline. Submit your application online.

Please read this carefully: Approximately two months before an application is due, you will see this specific grant/award as a choice in the drop-down menu under “Grants” in the online submission form. Do not apply until the grant is listed in this menu as your application will not be accepted. Check back periodically if you are waiting for a chance to submit. The online system will close immediately on the due date and time. Late submissions will not be accepted. You will receive notification of your award decisions approximately two months after the due date.

Past Recipients

Winfred Arthur, Jr., PhD


Abigail J. Stewart, PhD


George M. Slavich, PhD


Phoebe C. Ellsworth, PhD


Phyllis S. Ohr, PhD


Mitch Prinstein, PhD


Randolph Pipes, PhD


John Dovidio, PhD


Joseph J. Ryan, PhD


Steven Penrod, PhD


Kenneth H. Levey, PhD


Laura Brown, PhD


Stu Tentoni, PhD


Lynn E. O'Connor, PhD


Charles Richard Snyder, PhD


Daniel W. McNeil, PhD


John D. Robinson, EdD


Karen O'Brien, PhD


Mark P. Zanna, PhD


Gregory F. Ball, PhD


Patrick H. DeLeon, PhD, JD


George J. Allen, PhD


Honore M. Hughes, PhD


Robert F. Smith, PhD


Bertram Karon, PhD


Raymond Fowler, PhD