AERA Research Grants

American Educational Research Association (AERA) Research Grants are designed to stimulate quantitative policy and practice related research on U.S. education and to improve the U.S. educational research communities firsthand knowledge of the data available at the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Deadline: January 15, 2016

Sponsors: American Educational Research Association (AERA); National Science Foundation (NSF); National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

These grants support postdoctoral scholars conducting research on policy-related materials. The amount of the award is up to $20,000 for one year projects and up to $35,000 for two-year projects. Proposals for Research and Dissertation Grants and AERA and Research Fellowships will be reviewed three times a year, in Fall, Winter, and Spring.
Researchers who have obtained the Phd degree by the start date of the grant. Minority scholars are encouraged strongly to apply.
How to Apply

All applications for Research Grants must include:

  • An AERA Research Grants Program cover sheet;

  • Research proposal (limited to 7 single-spaced  pages) that addresses the following:

    Policy issue and its importance, brief review of relevant research/policy literature, description of methodology including proposed data set and criteria for selecting data file, sample (e.g., groups used, exclusions to sample, and estimated sample sizes), variables (including selection of variables and rationale for using them), and analytic techniques, and importance of findings to the policy issue;

  • Symbolic or figural model outlining the framework for the study;

  • Proposed budget;

  • Current curriculum vitae for principal investigator(s); and

  • Brief list of current other support (grants, awards, etc.).

Evaluation criteria include the importance of the proposed policy issue, the strength of the methodology, and relevant experience and research record of the applicant. It is expected that applicants are familiar with the data set they plan to use in their study. Applicants must show that the specified data set can be used to address the research proposed. For more application details, please see the American Education Research Association's website.